Standard & Reverse Flow Central Portable Water Cooled Chillers

A leader in the manufacturing of air cooled, water cooled, portable and central chillers, Cold Shot Chillers® is located in Houston, Texas. Operating since the 1970's, we offer the most innovative solutions to challenging customer chiller problems.

The term “portable chiller” refers to the basic configuration of the system, not to its mobility. Most portable chiller units will never be moved once installed. The term refers to any chiller system that contains all of the necessary components – the refrigeration circuit, the reservoir, and the pump or pumps – within a single footprint. The controls of a portable chiller unit are integrated to include all motor starters and require a single point electrical connection. The standard Cold Shot Chillers® product offering includes central portable water cooled chillers ranging from 2 to 100 tons in capacity.

A Central chiller is referred to as any chiller used to cool several processes. The chiller can be either water or air cooled and have a stationary or portable configuration. Our central portable water cooled chillers are available in standard flow or reverse flow options.

Water cooled chillers are generally used for large capacity applications, where the heat generated by an air cooled water chiller creates a problem. They are also considered when a cooling tower is already in place, or where the customer requires optimum efficiency of power consumption. Water cooled chillers absorb heat from process water and transfer it to a separate water source such as a cooling tower, river, pond, etc. They require condenser water treatment to eliminate mineral buildup.

Cold Shot Chillers® is a unique custom manufacturer and our capabilities extend to any industry using any application. Our competitive pricing and premier warranty is the best available in the industry.

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