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The following are the responsibilities of the user. They are examples of defects or damages that are not manufacturing defects, and are, therefore, not included in this Limited Warranty.

  1. Damage to unit or unsatisfactory operation due to improper cleaning or use of unit in corrosive atmosphere.
  2. Damage to unit from unsatisfactory operation due to blown fuses, inadequate or interrupted electrical protective devices or operations of unit on power supply other than covered by name plate rating of unit.
  3. Damage due to transportation or handling prior to and during installation.
  4. Damage due to accident or from alteration, improper installation, or tampering.
  5. Misapplication or under sizing of product.

IMPORTANT: Please return completed forms to Cold Shot Chillers. (Warranty contingent on the
completion and return of this form and chiller startup checklist and may result in a void of warranty if not returned within 30 days.)

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