Used Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers® offers high quality used and refurbished Air and Water Cooled chillers. Our product offering depends on market conditions and availability. Please revisit our site as needed as updates occur weekly depending on availability.

April 2018 Used/New Equipment Available

Manufacturer Model # Capacity Voltage Warranty Price
CSC Used 2 TON ACWC-24-ERF 2 Ton 208/230V   1 Year Parts
1 Year Compressor
CSC Used 7.5 TON ACWC-90-QRF 7.5 Ton 208/230V   1 Year Parts
2 Year Compressor
CSC Used 25 Ton ACWC-300-E 25 Ton    2 Year Compressor $18,000.00
N/A 10 Ton
Condenser Coils Condenser Coils
10 Ton N/A 1 Year $2,800.00
N/A Process Water Pump 55gpm@30psi 1.5 HP / 3 PH One Year $550.00
N/A Chiller Water Pump 30gpm@30psi 1 HP / 1 PH One Year $550.00

Part # Description Status Sell Price
85 KVA – 60 Hz Transformer
Primary Voltage 208 Delta
Secondary Voltage 575Y/332
Hermetic Scroll 5-Ton Compressor New

ACWC 36 QRF Used Water Chiller

Single stage reverse flow air-cooled water chiller. System will provide approximately 36,000 Btu/hr of cooling capacity with a leaving fluid temperature of 50°F.
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