Standard Flow Portable Water Cooled Chiller

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Cold Shot Chillers® offers economical solutions to any custom manufactured chiller systems challenges at a cost effective price. Our standard flow water cooled portable chillers are dependable under any environmental situation. The goal of Cold Shot Chillers® is to transform your ideas into a finished product. Our engineers never lose sight of your company's deadlines and provide the fastest turnaround possible for your standard flow chillers.

A “standard flow” chiller system has an integrated tank used in a closed loop cooling application. All of the water pumped from the chiller returns to the main unit under the pressure generated by the pump. Years of experience in this manufacturing process allows us to service any industry or any unique application.

Portable chiller refers to any chiller that includes both the refrigeration circuit and the water circuit (pump and tank) within the same foot print. Portable chillers can include any chiller from .5 ton up to those in excess of 200 tons.

We offer superior customer service and have initiated a “one time only” ring policy. You will never have to hear a voicemail at Cold Shot Chillers®. Our highly trained technicians are available to answer any of your questions 24 hours a day and our warranty can be honored through local suppliers.

In business for more than 30 years, the Cold Shot Chillers® group is ready to lend our expertise to any of your custom chiller specifications. Please contact us today to discuss your standard flow water cooled portable chiller applications.

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