Reverse Flow Portable Water Cooled Chiller

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An innovator in the manufacturing of industrial water chillers, our research and development has provided us the knowledge to manufacture a variety of reverse flow water cooled portable chillers to suit any application.

In business for over 30 years, Cold Shot Chillers® excels in the design and manufacturing of reverse flow water cooled chillers. Located in Houston, Texas, Cold Shot Chillers® is a state of the art facility.

Among many types of chillers we manufacture is the reverse flow water cooled portable chiller. Reverse flow is a portable chiller without a tank. It is use in open loop cooling applications where an external tank or trough is used. This tank or trough must gravity feed into the chiller pump which sends water through the chiller and filter, back to the process or back to the tank or trough. The term “portable” refers to any chiller that includes both the refrigeration circuit and the water circuit (pump and tank) within the same foot print. Portable chillers can include any chiller from .5 ton up to those in excess of 200 tons.

Customer service is the central focus at Cold Shot Chillers®. Our engineers provide 24 hour technical support and our staff is highly trained on our “one time ring” policy. Our customers never have to speak to an answering machine. We only use high grade components in our manufacturing of your chillers and provide a warranty through your local supply businesses.

We are readily available to discuss your reverse flow water cooled portable chiller applications with you. Please contact Cold Shot Chillers® with any application challenges you may have.

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