Quantech™ Large Air-Cooled Chillers

large air cooled chillers

55 to 175 Nominal Tons

(195 to 615 kW)

Cold Shot Chillers® is proud to announce that we now carry the Quantech™ QTC3.

Chiller Installation

The QTC3 chiller arrives as a factory-assembled package ready to be installed outdoors, either on the roof or at ground level. The air-cooled condensers eliminate the capital, installation and maintenance costs of a cooling-tower circuit.

The QTC3 weighs less and has s smaller footprint than other chillers in its class. In fact, it is 20-35% lighter weight than the market average chiller. When the chiller is roof-mounted in new construction, the cost of the support structure can be reduced. In building retrofits, the QTC3 can provide the largest capacity in a given space and existing structure.

Power hook-up could not be any easier with the standard single-point connection. A terminal block, disconnect switch or circuit breaker is provided to meet the unique needs of every project and minimize installation time and labor. The factory-installed control transformer steps down the power voltage to the control voltage.

Chilled-water piping is also simple. The water connections are factory-piped to the outside of the unit, for ease of access. Factory-cut grooves, or optional flanges, make piping connections simple. Optional factory-installed pump kits eliminate the time, cost, and mechanical-equipment room space necessary to install chilled-water pumps.

Press the start button with confidence -your QTC3 has been run-tested at the factory to ensure that you will have a successful start-up.

Chiller Reliability

The QTC3 chiller is proven and reliable, designed to reduce service calls. The scroll compressors have logged hundreds of thousands of operating hours in numerous different applications. The corrosive-resistant condenser heat exchangers have been specifically designed for stationary HVAC applications and have undergone extensive laboratory and field testing to extend chiller life and improve performance. They are also more rigid than standard condenser coils, making them less susceptible to damage during rigging, lifting, and installation of the chiller.

Components are designed to keep the chiller up-and-running. A factory-installed water strainer prevents debris from affecting unit flow and/or heat transfer. The rugged thermaldispersion flow switch is factory-installed at the optimum location in the piping for superior flow sensing, reducing the potential for nuisance trips. Intelligent controls protect the chiller while keeping it online, for maximum uptime. Exterior panels of the chiller are powder-coated with highly durable corrosion-resistant paint.

Chiller Efficiency

QTC3 high-efficiency chillers, with their innovative control algorithms, offer industry-leading energy efficiency. Real-world energy efficiency is measured by IPLV (off-design) performance, and QTC3 chillers provide some of the best IPLVs in their class.

QTC3 also offers an efficiency choice. In addition to the high-efficiency units, QTC3 chillers are available in standard efficiency models with smaller footprints and lower capital costs.

Only pay for the chiller you need- the multi-efficiency levels of the QTC3 allow you to decide the best investment for the job.

Chiller Flexibility

The QTC3 chiller offers a number of options designed to operate reliably across a wide range of customer needs. It can cool glycol down to 10°F (-12°C). It can provide heat recovery up to 140°F (60°C), with up to 85% of total heat rejection captured.

When factory-mounted pump kits are considered, there are now more pump sizes to choose from. The optional kits come standard with valves, pressure ports, flow switch, and strainer for quick hook-up, and frost protection to prevent freeze-up. There are also more pump options available: variable-speed drives, dual pumps, service shut-off valves, expansion tanks, and additional test ports for temperature and pressure sensing.

Standard low sound and multiple sound attenuation options allow flexibility in locating the chiller, and reduce the cost for field-constructed barriers.

Chiller Sustainability

The QTC3 makes you a leader in sustainability through innovation, not added cost. With the combination of R-410A refrigerant, which has no ozone-depletion potential, and stateof- the-art heat exchanger technology that allows refrigerant charge to be reduced by as much as 30%, the QTC3 chiller provides the most ecologically friendly equipment. Partnered with its low-sound properties for noise pollution prevention, this chiller is a true earth-friendly offering.

Chiller Communications

The QTC3 chiller comes standard with native communication capability for BACnet (MS/ TP), Modbus, and N2, with optional capabilities available for LON. The standard unit capabilities include built-in-scheduling, remote start-stop, remote water temperature reset and up to two steps of demand (load) limiting depending on model. The standard control panel can be directly connected to a building automated system via the standard factoryinstalled RS232 communication port.

Chiller Serviceability

Minimal maintenance is required to keep the unit operating at maximum performance. If service should ever be required, the QTC3 chiller has been designed to simplify the work, keeping costs down. The layout of the chiller locates all the major components that can be serviced near the outside edge. The condenser heat exchangers are light enough that no crane is required for replacement. And when it's time to clean them, city tap water, with water pressure typical of a spray from a common garden hose, is all that's needed.

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