Pro-Tec Coatings

Our protective coating is a reactive silanol specially formulated to react with and modify surfaces of noble metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper-based alloys. The thin layer of clear polysiloxane stabilizes passive oxides that break down in marine and polluted industrial environments. On HVAC systems, operating efficiency is improved by 9-15% and heat exchanger life is extended by at least five years. It also mitigates clogging by mold, dust and soot.

  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Improve Long-Term Unit Efficiency
  • Extend Manufacturer’s Warranty

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pro-tech coating

At 3 Months

protech coating chillers

At 27 months with ProTec

A Comparison of Coating Characteristics

Competition's Organic Compounds Our Silicon Compounds
Form dense surface films but do not chemically bond with the substrate. Form chemical bonds and/or hydrogen bonds with the substrate.
Films are vapor barriers and impermeable (but often macroporous). Coatings are vapor permeable but water resistant (microporous).
  The level of permeability can be engineered, (i.e. zeolites and molecular sieves - nanotechnology).

Coatings For a Wide Range of Applications

The Technology

The RSS technology we use for our coatings are based on clear polysiloxane films formed from SMT reactive silanol sols which can be applied to virtually any clean surface you require. This property makes RSS a universal surface treatment without changing the color or character of the substrate. RSS can seal porous materials like weathered paint, masonry, grout, and tiles preventing bacteria or mold spores from being embedded or absorbed into the substrate. This feature facilitates easy cleaning and decontamination, while protecting the surface from damage by caustic, acidic, or chlorine bleach cleaners. The easy-clean surface reduces exposure of cleaning personnel to harsh chemicals and reduces cleaning time allowing companies to greatly reduce maintenance costs whilst also reducing exposure to harsh chemical infections. Furthermore, an RSS-treated surface retains full efficacy over time and is permanent due to its micostatic properties not relying on biocides that will degrade over time.

Attributes of Silicon-based Surface Modification Treatments

  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Resistant to extreme heat
  • Will not deteriorate with exposure to UV
  • Clear and increase depth of image
  • Resists abrasions - very hard
  • Will not oxide
  • Non combustible
  • Properties can be engineered

Surface Tolerant Steel Coatings


A water based, surface tolerant rust barrier coating. Unlike traditional organic coating systems, abrasive blasting or mechanical tool surface preparation is not required. It dries in minutes and can be over-coated immediately with itself or paint. Unlike rust converters, Pro-Tech-WB leaves a thin polymer layer that will protect the metal from further corrosion.


A solvent-borne surface tolerant barrier coating rated to 700F

Pro-Tech-WB Coating vs. Paint

Pro-Tech Coating Paint
Chemically bonds to metal Mechanical bond to solvent cleaned and roughened (preferably abrasive blasted) surface
Minimal surface prep: remove grease, loose rust Up to 58 hour cure btwn coats
Fast drying - can be over-coated immediately Thick film, multiple coats
Water based, low VOC High solids, low VOC
Easy to spray; capable of brush Harder to spray, hard to brush or repair

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