Custom CT Scan Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers® has been designing chillers for medical applications for decades. With our technology and knowledge in this ultimately important field, the medical industry relies on the quality of our CT scan chillers.

Our medical chillers provide zero downtime as they have built-in provisions to compensate in the unlikely event of equipment failure. Although Medical chillers are used for a wide range of purposes, CT Scans rank highly among them. These chillers serve an array of immensely important applications and must be counted on to perform properly at all times.

The reliability of Cold Shot Chillers® design and manufacturing of CT scan chillers is known throughout the medical industry. We are committed to improving our technology with continuous research in this field.

We use only premium grade materials in our medical chillers and our equipment is accompanied with competitive warranties. Our ability to custom design a chiller for any medical application, allows Cold Shot Chillers® to be a leader in the supplying of CT scan chillers.

In a field that cannot be delayed, our medical customers know they can depend on our same day quotes and our 24/7 customer service.

Take a look at our popular ACWC line of medical chiller models: the ACWC-90-ESUS Chiller & ACWC-90-DM Chiller

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