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For over 40 years, Cold Shot Chillers® has designed and manufactured high-reliability CT Chillers and CT Chiller Systems.For efficient cooling of your CT scanners, you can rely on our medical chillers!

Reliability and durability are some of the most critical factors for selecting medical equipment. Due to the sensitivity of medical procedures, the accuracy of measurements plays a vital role in clinical diagnoses.

Every day, healthcare professionals use electromechanical devices to assist them in their clinical duties. These systems must be operated under proper modes and operating temperatures specified by the manufacturers.

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Why are CT Chiller Systems Important?

Computed Tomography (CT) scan machines are medical imaging equipment that use data from x-rays to produce detailed images of internal body structures. Data from the x-rays are sent to a computer which converts it into a 3-D model displayed on a monitor.

During normal use, the x-ray tubes inside CT scanners tend to heat up considerably (some modern CT systems utilize up to 100kW of power) and require rapid cooling. In scenarios where the cooling from an HVAC system is inadequate, the CT machine may overheat and malfunction. Moreover, excessive heat can cause damage to sensitive components inside the scanner.

To prevent overheating, CT chillers and CT Chiller Systems can be used to rapidly cool these scanners. The challenge, however, is that these chillers deal with cyclical loads – i.e. the x-ray tubes within the scanner power up intermittently. So, the cooling system must be able to keep internal temperatures stable despite the load surge.

CT scan chillers from Cold Shot Chillers® are well suited to the job. They also come with built-in fail-safe cooling systems to compensate in the event of an unexpected failure.

Air-cooled vs. Water-cooled Chillers for CT Cooling

Both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers serve the same purpose, which is to cool an enclosure. However, they differ in the mode of operation. Here’s how both systems work:


In an air-cooled system, the heat is rejected to ambient air by the rotation of cooling fans. These fans are usually located at the top of the unit for optimal cooling. Air-cooled chillers are ideal for medical facilities that have no cooling tower or a limited supply of water.

The following are the main benefits of using an air-cooled chiller at your facility:

  • They are generally cheaper to use than water-cooled systems due to the absence of a cooling water tower.
  • They require less maintenance than open-loop systems.
  • Air-cooled systems help reduce water consumption.


Water-cooled chillers use chilled water from a tower or city water supply to reject heat from a refrigerant used to cool a process. The hot fluid is then recirculated into the system for reuse. They are generally more expensive to install and maintain than air-cooled chillers as they require a dedicated water chiller plant for 24/7 cooling.

The following are the main benefits of using a water-cooled chiller at your facility:

  • Water-cooled chillers are generally more energy-efficient than air-cooled systems.
  • They ensure quiet operation (no noise generated from cooling tower fans).
  •  Water-cooled chillers facilitate durable operation with infrequent replacements of parts.

Our ACWC-90-ESUS Chillers and ACWC-90-DM Chillers provide reliable cooling with close temperature tolerance for your CT scanners.

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After well over four decades manufacturing industrial chiller systems for medical applications, we are uniquely positioned to meet your process cooling needs.

Our CAT scan chillers are fabricated using the highest-grade, eco-friendly materials and offered with competitive warranties. We also provide custom CT chiller designs to suit your unique medical applications.

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