Industrial Medical Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers® offers a variety of medical chiller services. Medical chiller applications for Cold Shot Chillers® include MRI, linear accelerators and pet scanners. Due to the critical nature of these applications please submit an application questionnaire.



Application & Uses of Industrial Medical Chillers

Medical chillers are used for a wide range of purposes, but there’s one common trait all medical chillers must have: Reliability. These chillers serve an array of immensely important real world applications, and they must be counted on to perform properly at all times.

That’s where Cold Shot Chillers® comes in. We’ve been designing chillers for medical applications for decades. We’ve built chillers for radiation therapy cancer treatment machines, MRIs, CTs, blood cooling systems, laboratory applications and so much more.

Standard Features

Our medical chillers can be built to provide zero downtime. That’s because they have built-in provisions to compensate in the unlikely event of equipment failure.

When you choose Cold Shot Chillers®, you’ll always get:

  • Equipment you can count on—Only premium-grade materials are used in our medical chillers. And we stand behind our equipment with competitive warranties.
  • Custom-built medical chillers—From MRI chillers to CT chillers, we can custom design a chiller for any unique medical application.
  • Excellent customer service—Whether you have a question or need a quote, there’s always somebody here to answer the phone 24/7.
  • Same day quotes—Get a quote for your project today! We often provide custom quotes in as little as 30 minutes.

Click below to view the spec sheet on our Medical Chiller models:



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