Standard and Custom Laser & Welding Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers® is a unique manufacturer of laser and welding chillers. We offer solutions to any application and for any specifications on your laser and welding chillers. Our expert engineering staff can assist you with existing applications or custom design laser chillers for your particular manufacturing requirements. Click here to learn more about our Standard Flow Air Cooled Portable Chillers and Standard Flow Water Cooled Portable Chillers that can be used for your laser and welding applications. 

A laser chiller refers to the main component used in managing laser temperature and they are self-contained devices that are able to remove heat from laser heat- dissipating components. Cold Shot Chillers® is an innovator in laser technology, providing solutions to a diverse line of industries including medical and industrial. Standard or custom, our laser & welding chillers offer precise automated processing for speed and accuracy.

Quality Assurance & Customer Services

Our engineering staff continues to advance their knowledge in this field and implements the latest technology. Cold Shot Chillers® is a state of the art facility and our main goal is quality and customer service. We are available to answer your calls and provide you with answers 24/7. We offer detailed quotes within 30 minutes and you will always speak with a staff member at Cold Shot Chillers®, never an answering machine.

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The team at Cold Shot Chillers® is ready to assist in the design and manufacturing applications of your laser and welding chillers. Please contact us today and learn how our experts can assist you.

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