Glycol Cooling Systems for Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machines

Cold Shot Chillers® manufactures a full line of commercial yogurt machine chillers for self-serve frozen yogurt shops. We take tremendous pride in creating top quality closed-loop water cooling systems for ice cream machines and froyo machines that are custom-designed to fit the unique needs of our clients.

Basics of Our Glycol System for Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machines

Our industrial chillers are configured in both air-cooled or water-cooled format depending on the unique needs of your self-serve frozen yogurt shop. For both chiller variants, a water/glycol solution is sent to your product tanks where it absorbs heat from the process. The heated glycol solution is then ushered away from the cool ice cream or yogurt to a heat exchanger.

If you’re using air-cooled chillers as your glycol cooling system for ice cream and frozen yogurt production, then the fluid lines will take the heated glycol to an outdoor heat exchanger where an air condenser expels the heat and send cool fluid back to your process.

If you’re using water-cooled chiller units as your glycol system for ice cream or froyo, then the coolant is sent to a nearby heat exchanger where it transfers heat to another closed-loop water cycle. The second set of water lines is circulated to an outdoor cooling tower where the fluid is cooled and sent back to the heat exchanger to continue circulating process heat outdoors.

Your water-cooled soft serve machine can leverage a Cold Shot Chiller that features a full chiller refrigerant charge of R-410A, hermetic scroll compressors, air-cooled condenser, and a weather-resistant microprocessor control center that is mounted on a formed-steel base.

Benefits of Soft Serve Chillers from Cold Shot

One of the main benefits of using a beverage and food processing chiller from Cold Shot is a reduced A/C bill for your frozen yogurt or ice cream shop!

Keeping your store cool is important for two reasons. Customers are eating froyo because it’s hot outside, so keeping cool is part of the experience your store offers. Secondly, a cool store means that your product lasts longer! Your customers don’t want to eat soupy ice cream or frozen yogurt, so a cooler indoor temperature is a must-have.

Chillers expel the heat from your process by absorbing it at the source and sending it outdoors. Your competitors that don’t use glycol cooling systems for their soft serve production and storage are relying on their store’s air conditioning to cool the back room (and the front).

In addition, our chillers are closed-loop cooling systems, meaning you don’t have to rely on a seemingly endless supply of city water to cool your process. Cold Shot Chillers® cycles the same refrigerant through our cooling loop to reduce waste and keep your water bill to a minimum.

Lastly, our chillers generally require less space in your production area since no supply lines or drains must be integrated. Our closed-loop glycol cooling systems for your ice cream and frozen yogurt machines give you the freedom to organize your soft serve barrels in a way that is convenient for your team.

Why Choose Cold Shot?

We’re committed to more than just providing you with the best equipment. We’ll show you how to properly use and maintain your chillers, source reliable chiller parts if something fails, and we’ll be here for you long after your yogurt machine chillers are installed in case you need us.

Since 1980, we’ve been designing chiller systems for countless clients and a range of different applications. Customers turn to us because we always provide:

  • Custom design and manufacturing—Every one of our chillers is custom designed and built for each application. We take the time to listen to your needs and come up with the right solution for you.
  • 24/7 customer support— - Cold Shot Chillers® will always be here for you. No matter what you need, someone is here to answer the phone 24/7.
  • Equipment built to last— - We only use the best materials so that you get a yogurt machine chiller that’s durable, reliable, and designed to exceed your performance expectations.

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