Standard and Custom Bakery Water Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers® specializes in designing and manufacturing chillers for the food processing and industrial bakery industries. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations that will cost effectively and efficiently accommodate your applications.

commercial bakery water chiller

Tight Tolerance Bakery Chillers

Bakery chiller systems let you maintain optimal product temperatures so that you can make consistent batches of dough. Using a commercial water chiller for bakery applications has become incredibly important in the restaurant and food production industry. One of the main hurdles to scaling a restaurant chain or mass producing a quality baked good is consistent dough production.

Our commercial chillers are used in the bakery industry for a several applications:

  • To cool high speed mixers. The chilled fluid is pumped through a jacketed portion of the mixer base to the keep the flour mixture cool during the blending process.
  • To cool frosting and fillings. The product is heated and blended in a jacketed tank. A chiller is used to remove the heat from the tank to bring the product temperatures down so they can be used in the final bakery product.
  • To chill water for dough mixing applications. The chiller is combined with a Cold Shot temperature control unit to chill water.

Using a Cold Shot Chillers® water chiller for bakery and food production applications lets you maintain a temperature of around 33℉. This temperature has been shown to facilitate a stable environment for controlling yeast growth in the dough batching process.

Our engineering team has recently revamped our bakery chillers to provide the tightest possible temperature tolerances. Bakeries love our new and innovative bakery chillers because they provide a very cold fluid stream without harming your baking equipment.

Batch Cooling for Your Bakery Water Chillers

Because water temperature is critical for a consistent dough batching process, our chillers use tanks that provide a buffer in the cooling process. This means that your custom bakery chiller produces potable water with a steady internal temperature to minimize any inconsistencies in yeast growth.

Losing an entire day’s batch of dough could seriously impair your profitability or damage trust with your customers. By using our reliable chillers for your bakery, gluten integrity and yeast growth are never in question.

Bakery Chiller Price Expectations

Bakery water chillers are priced by size and depend on your throughput and batch sizes. Use our tool to determine the chiller capacity that suits your unique operations.

Whether you need a custom bakery chiller system, or a more standard pastry chiller – our team can provide guidance. We can help design custom chillers that meet the standards of your precise industry. Our team is also able to draft an installation plan whether you’re replacing or require a new chiller for bakery process needs.

custom bakery chiller systems

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Order Your Bakery Chillers Today

Our expert sales and engineering staff can assist you with existing applications or custom bakery chiller designs. We have an excellent inventory of chillers in stock.

Build times vary depending on the capacity of commercial bakery water chiller you require:

  • 2 Ton through 20 Tons are 3 to 4 weeks ARO (after receipt of order)
  • 25 Ton through 40 Ton are 4 to 6 weeks ARO (after receipt of order)
  • 50 Ton through 100 Ton are 10 – 12 weeks ARO (after receipt of order)

Our food processing chillers are used in a range of settings including, but not limited to, frozen yogurt shops, commercial bakeries, wineries, and breweries. Cold Shot Chillers® can produce equipment with an endless list of options and modifications to meet virtually any customer need or specific application.

Cold Shot Chillers® offers 24 hour technical support, competitive warranties, same day quotes and our customized designs. Ultimately important to our management team, we implement our “one ring only” policy. Our customers are assisted quickly and there is always someone available to answer your questions or assist you with a quote.

The expert staff at Cold Shot Chillers® is readily available to assist in the design of your industrial bakery chillers. Call us today to learn more and to let us know how we may help.


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