Low-Temperature Glycol Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers® designs and manufactures low-temperature glycol chillers to fulfill brewery processing and storage requirements. Our technical sales staff can assist in calculating heat loads for your fermenter, brite, and cold liquor tanks, ensuring the correct size chiller is specified to meet your current and future production needs. 

Advantages of Glycol Beer Chillers

Our industrial glycol chillers are configured using the highest quality parts and components to provide a consistently reliable service for years to come. Safety features built into the design are monitored by the PLC providing improved communication and diagnostics. An electronic controlled temperature controller is programmed to properly handle various heat load swings found in brewery processing environments. The bright LED interface displays fluid temperature set points and any error fault codes that might be detected.  

Customer service is the foundation of our company philosophy. The technical sales staff can assess your needs and provide a detailed quote with technical information, drawings, and pump curve data, usually within 30 minutes after receiving your inquiry. Our technical support staff is available 24/7/365 for all telephone technical support to resolve any technical issues.  

Contact Cold Shot Chillers® today to take advantage of our 30+ years of experience. We are looking forward to working with you and providing you with the most cost-effective brewery and microbrewery chillers needed to meet your specifications.

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