Low-Temperature Glycol Chillers

In an industry where temperature control is critical to the quality of final products, you can depend on glycol chillers from Cold Shot Chillers®.

Great quality beer is dependent on a variety of factors, the most critical of which is the flavor. The taste of beer is affected greatly by its temperature at fermentation. Keeping the taste of beer consistent keeps customers delighted and committed to your brand, and this can be achieved by maintaining ideal process temperatures inside the brewer during production.

The most effective way to maintain stable process temperatures inside a brewing unit is to utilize brewery chillers, which are typically glycol chillers. Click here to learn more about our Standard Flow Air Cooled Portable Chillers for breweries. 

What Is a Glycol Chiller?

Brewery glycol chillers are cooling units that utilize propylene glycol (an organic anti-freeze agent) or a mix of propylene glycol and water to extract excess heat from a brewing process and dissipate it in a heat exchanger or refrigeration system. Brewery glycol chillers provide the close temperature tolerance necessary to produce final products of the highest quality.

Applications for Chillers in Breweries

Glycol chillers are suitable for specific chilling applications within the brewery industry. Some typical examples include:

  • Wort
  • Brite tanks
  • Fermenters
  • Two-stage heat exchangers
Some examples of the indusry-specific chillers we offer are: 
  • Brewing Counterflow Chiller
  • Nano Brewery Chiller
  • Brew House Chiller

How Do Glycol Chillers Work?

A glycol chiller for brewery systems circulates supercooled glycol around a closed circuit. This closed loop is comprised of tubing that connects to the input and output sections of the chiller unit, and the heat exchanger. To cool wort, the glycol then circulates through the heat exchanger, cooling the vessel.

Propylene glycol has a freezing point of -74.2 °F (-59 °C) while a mixture of propylene glycol and water will maintain a more moderate freezing point. Thus, a water/glycol brewery chilling system can cool wort much faster than a water-only chiller without producing harmful ice in the insides of the brewing vessel.

For the most efficient cooling, many companies use a water/glycol mix of about 67% to 33% in industrial glycol chillers.

Brewery Chiller Sizing

With a broad range of chiller sizes, small breweries and craft breweries can benefit from efficient glycol chiller brewing. Use the free tools available on the Cold Shot Chillers website to make the most accurate brewery chiller sizing calculation today. We offer nano brewery chillers, microbrewery chillers, and more!

Brewing Temperature Control Is Critical to Brand Preservation

Several beer types have ideal wort fermentation temperatures for the highest quality brew. For example, the ideal temperature range for brewing ale is 68 - 72 °F (20 - 22 °C). Using a brewing temperature greater than this produces undesirable fermentation by-products that can be difficult to remove.

Conversely, brewing ale at a lower temperature can lead to incomplete fermentation. Both issues can cause the beer taste to vary widely, causing production inconsistencies and negative brand sentiment.

Trust Cold Shot Chillers® For All Your Brewery Chiller Needs

Our glycol chillers for beer brewing provide the close temperature tolerances required to produce a consistent quality and taste. Our brewing chillers are manufactured using the highest-grade materials to ensure long-lasting operation. We offer a range of low-temperature glycol chillers to suit any brewery size. 

Cold Shot Chillers® beer chillers have built-in safety features that monitor and control the temperature of your brew at all times. An electronic temperature controller compensates for heat load swings common to breweries. A PLC monitors the process temperatures and gives real-time feedback via an LED interface. 

Contact us today! Whether you’d like to request a quote or need technical assistance with any of our products, our sales team, and technical support staff are available 24/7 to cater to you.

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