Industries & Applications

Cold Shot Chillers® provide flexible cooling solutions for a wide assortment of industries. We provide food processing chillers for a variety of businesses such as breweries, wineries, and even frozen yogurt companies. We can quickly provide detailed quotes and offer fast turn around times for chiller orders. Contact us today to get more information on chiller solutions for your business.

Metal Finishing Chillers

Determine the size of chiller you’ll need for your metal finishing operation...
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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting chillers are designed to run efficiently by maintaining precise water cutting temperatures...
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Laser & Welding

Laser chillers are self-contained devices that are able to remove heat from laser heat- dissipating components...
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Medical Chillers

Medical chillers are used for a wide range of purposes, but there’s one common trait all medical chillers must have...
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Plastics Processing

To determine the size of chiller you’ll need for your plastic process cooling application, follow this formula...
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Brewery & Microbrewery

Our chillers are great for all aspects of the brewery and microbrewery process.
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With reliable temperature controls, our chillers are perfect for wine and beer making.
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Food Processing

Food processing chillers are used in a range of settings, including in frozen yogurt shops, bakeries, wineries, breweries...
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Government & Municipal

Government & Municipal chillers range from laboratory and municipal process cooling to alternative specializations...
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Explosion-Proof Chillers

Through the use of high quality industry proven components, our Explosion Proof Chillers offer the tough rugged reliability that is expected from Cold Shot Chillers®
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Hydroponic Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers® designs custom hydroponic chillers specifically for use in large scale Hydroponic Grow Rooms. They range from 1.5-100 tons in capacity.
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Industrial Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers® has been manufacturing process chillers for the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) market for over 30 years.
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