In today's dairy industry, maintaining precise temperatures is extremely important when it comes to ensuring product quality and consumer safety. Luckily, advancements in milk cooling technology have provided a solution to this problem that modern dairy farms often face: glycol milk chilling systems.

Importance of Glycol Milk Cooling Systems

Glycol cooling systems are an integral part of the milk chilling plant process. In the dairy farming industry, these systems are used for cooling milk after pasteurization by capturing and releasing heat. Glycol chillers work fast, keeping temperature and bacteria growth under control 24/7.

In addition, glycol chillers are also less expensive to install, easier to maintain, and are more reliable than conventional refrigeration systems often used in the industry.

What Temperature Should Milk Be Kept?

Dairy farms are encouraged to cool milk from the initial temperature of 98°F down to 37-38°F. Under no c

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