1. How Are Lasers Made? – Laser Generation Processing & Cooling Needs

    Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (LASER) has remained a ground-breaking technological invention since its discovery and first use. Over the years, laser beam technology has been modified and refined for use across a broad range of applications including industrial manufacturing, health, research, and communication tech.

    This article covers how a laser beam is generated as well as how a laser tube can be efficiently cooled.

    laser generation process cooling system

    What Is a Laser?

    A laser is a device that stimulates subatomic particles (electrons) to emit electromagnetic radiation. Lasers typically produce a narrow beam of light that exhibits a physical property called “coherence.” This allows laser light to be focused on a spot mak

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  2. How Does a Fermenter Cooling Jacket Work for Brewing & Wine Tanks

    How Does a Fermenter Cooling Jacket Work for Brewing & Wine Tanks

    Regardless of the size of the operation, the processes of making wine, lagers, stouts, ales, and IPAs requires the careful regulation of your brewing and fermenting environment. The fermentation stage is particularly critical to the outcome of the brew as any adverse temperature levels (too high or too low), can ruin a batch altering the final flavors and aromas, resulting in a poor brew.

    To prevent the exposure of a fermentation mix to undesirable temperature levels, brewers typically attempt to actively cool the process. For breweries producing their beverages on a larger scale, the most effective way of ensuring optimal temperature regulation is using fermentation cooling jackets combined with brewery chillers or winery glycol chillers

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