1. Best Temperature for Cut Flowers – Preservation for Wholesale Florists

    The demand for freshly cut flowers has made the development of improved methods of preservation necessary. Among various dynamics to consider when storing cut flowers, temperature regulation is a particularly critical factor.

    Heat can adversely affect the longevity of cut plants by triggering premature aging and encouraging plant rot. Also, elevated temperatures will increase the rate at which plant respiration occurs leading to ethylene gas generation and further heat generation. The overall effect of these events is a faster onset of aging for storage flowers.

    best temperature to store cut flowers - wholesale florist cold room

    How to Preserve Cut Flowers for Wholesale

    Learning how florists keep flowers fresh is critical for the success of flower-growers and wholesalers.

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  2. How to Transport Flower Arrangements – Flower Transport Cooling Tips

    Worldwide, flowers are enjoyed for their distinct patterns, sensuous smells, and vibrant colors. These natural delights have been arranged in various ways to adorn both commercial and residential building interiors as well as form an integral part of shared gifts on various romantic and symbolic holidays.

    In a lot of instances, cut flowers must be transported over long distances, even across continents to reach diverse floral markets. This poses a significant challenge in terms of storage and preservation of freshness.

    So, how are flowers shipped in a way that accommodates preservation? This article will discuss vital cooling tips to ensure cut flowers are preserved in an ideal state for as long as possible.

    how are flowers shipped? - flowers packed in semi truck

    Important Factors for Effective

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