Stationary & Portable Central Air Cooled Chillers

The term “central air cooled chiller” refers to any central chiller system that can cool several processes throughout a plant at the same time. A central chiller can be stationary or portable. The system requires a reservoir, pump or pumps to distribute the water or coolant to the processes. The standard Cold Shot Chillers® product offering includes central chillers ranging from 2 to 250 tons in capacity.

To provide the extra level of dependability for all central chiller systems, the Cold Shot Guardian™ predictive maintenance monitoring app notifies operations and maintenance of operational inconsistencies prior to failure.

For details regarding stationary air-cooled chillers, please view our pricing and specification pages. 

For details regarding our portable air-cooled chillers, please see the pricing and specification pages. 

Please contact Cold Shot Chillers if you have any questions about our central air chiller systems.

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