ACWC 90 EMUS Chiller

The ACWC-90-EMUS is a 7 ½ ton air cooled water chiller that is suitable for outdoor use. The system provides 90,000 BTU/hr of cooling capacity with a leaving fluid temperature of 50°F and an ambient air temperature of 95°F arunning at a maximum flow rate of 30gpm at 45 psi.

Furthermore, the chiller comes equipped with an automatic city water switch-over providing assistance in the event that the refrigerated chill water circuit is disabled.

Additional Features Of ACWC-90-EMUS Model

  • Automatic City Water Switch-over
  • HMI touchscreen controls
  • City water audible alarm
  • Network "Ready" to operate and control form any PC
  • Self diagnostics
  • Remote status panel
  • Flow switch
  • Internal water bypass
  • 50 micron city and chill water filter

Technical Specifications

Model ACWC-90-EMUS
Compressors Copeland Hermetic Scroll
Evaporator Stainless Steel / Copper Blazed
Fluid Connection (IN/OUT) 1¼ MNPT "IN" / 1¼ MNPT "OUT"
Condenser Fan CFM 1 / 4700
Condenser Coils Copper Tube / Aluminium Fin
Voltage / Chiller 208 / 230 460 / 30
Minimum Circuit Amps Condenser n/a
Minimum Circuit Amps Chiller 48.33 24.8
Dimensions 69" L x 48" W x 75" H
Weight 1400 LBS
Pump HP 1.5 "Process" / 1.0 "Circulation"
Process Pump Output 30 gpm @ 45 psi
Tank Size 40 Gallon
Tank Construction 304 SS

For more information about this model please refer to the following downloadable PDF: ACWC-90-EMUS

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