ACWC-90-DM Medical Chiller

acwc 90 dm chiller

Just like the ACWC-90-ESUS Chiller, The ACWC-90-DM comes with a remote condenser, providing 90,000 btu/hr of cooling capacity with a leaving fluid temperature of 50°F and an ambient air temperature of 90°F.

The main difference being that the ACWC-90-DM model includes a dual pump system that provides a higher maximum flow rate of 55 gpm at 30 psi on the process side and 30 gpm at 30psi within the chill water loop. The dual pump system is designed to allow for wide variations in heat load allowing more flexibility to the user.

Additional Features Of ACWC-90-DM Model

  • Automatic City Water Switch-over
  • Operating & safety indicator lights
  • City water audible alarm
  • Vibration eliminators on all outside connections
  • Internal water bypass
  • Flow switch
  • Compressed air system
  • Panel mount water, refrigeration and air pressure gauges
  • 150 micron city and chill water filter

Technical Specifications

Model ACWC-90-DM
Compressors Copeland Hermetic Scroll
Evaporator 1¼ MNPT "IN" / 1" MNPT "OUT"
Condenser Fan CFM



Condenser Coils Copper Tube / Aluminium Fin
Voltage / Condenser n/a
Voltage / Chiller 208 / 230 460 / 3
Minimum Circuit Amps Condenser n/a
Minimum Circuit Amps Chiller 47.5    24.8
Dimensions 43" L x 32" W x 68" H
Approx. Weight 950 LBS
Pump Output 55 gpm at 30 psi
Tank Size 40 Gallon
Tank Construction 304 SS

For more information about this model please refer to the following downloadable PDF: ACWC-90-DM

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