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    Air cooled chillers require less maintenance than water-cooled units, and they eliminate the need for a cooling tower and condenser water pump. Read More »
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    Water chillers use the evaporation of a refrigerant to cool the fluid through a heat exchanger. Read More »
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    The capacity of our designing and manufacturing staff is unmatched to build chiller parts and accessories for any size, type and application. Read More »
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    See a list of our industrial Used Air & Water Cooled Chillers from Cold Shot Chillers. Read More »
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    Cold Shot Chillers provides flexible cooling solutions for a wide assortment of industries. Read More »
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    Familiarize yourself with industry terms, applications, various chiller configurations and designs. Read More »

The mission of Cold Shot Chillers® is to provide a high quality dependable product line. Our focus is to serve a diverse market through customer satisfaction, innovative ideas and flexibility.

Cold Shot Chillers® began in the late 1970s as Zarsky Industries Inc., an HVAC repair company in Houston, Texas. In 1980, the company began manufacturing new chillers for the plastic process industry and refurbishing used chillers for an assortment of industries. As our new chiller sales grew the company emphasis shifted from service to 100% manufacturing. In 1999 under new ownership we began manufacturing chillers as Zarsky Water Chillers. Primary industries served included plastic processing, food & beverage, and metal finishing.

As a thriving chiller unit manufacturer with an expanded product offering, manufacturing and support staff, we became COLD SHOT CHILLERS® in 2006. The company's focus was to provide flexible cooling solutions for all industries through the use of high quality components. By maintaining a cost effective, rugged, dependable product line with many custom features, our client base grew to include many more industries. Click here for a complete list.

Over the years our sales and application support teams have learned to make recommendations for most any application. The Cold Shot Chillers® manufacturing facility is capable of producing equipment with an endless list of options and modifications to meet virtually any customer need or specific application.

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